Football, and everything related to it, is our passion. By creating products that allow us to take control of the match, we manage to meet the needs of the most demanding players. We are currently producing and personalizing football guards and personalized sportswear. Thanks to the unique technology, our graphics are embedded in the plastic layer, making them extremely durable and resistant to damages. The projects we create for you are unique, prepared according to your needs and preferences.

We also offer unique sports and non-slip socks. Designed to increase your comfort and performance. Sportswear that we have in our assortment was created with footballers in mind and will also work well during other sports activities.

Who are we?

Gain Control company was established by joining the forces of people with a common passion, which is football.

“Of all the irrelevant things, football is the most important one”

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Aleksander Gajdek

A graduate of Rzeszow University of Technology, Master of Engineering in Aviation and Aerospace . Footballer of Polish Football Club ZKS Izolator Boguchwala. Favorite position on the field - inverted fullback.

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Gerard Gajdek

A graduate of Rzeszow University of Technology, Master's degree in Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering . What I like most about soccer is how weaker teams win against stronger teams after penalty shootouts.

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