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Personalized football shin guards prepared specifically for you

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Gain Control sports accessories for improve comfort during game

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Football socks to improve comfort and control during play

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It’s very easy! On the website, find personalized shin guards e.g. „Personalized Gain Control shin guards”, order and send us an e-mail with photos to be placed on your guards. The email address for uploading photos for personalization is

The price depends on the chosen of foam variant – it is lower for guards with EVA foam. For guards  PRO with PORON XRD foam the price is slightly higher. Go to the shop tab – personalized shin guards and check the price of our products.

Of course! All you need to do is select „Personalized Gain Control shin guards“, send photos to our e-mail address, and we will create the design of your unique shin guards.


Gain Control shin guards are made using the best quality materials – the outer surface is resistant to cracking and scratching, and the foam perfectly absorbs impacts. We chose materials with such properties to guarantee safety while maintaining a high level of comfort.

Gain Control shin guards are available in three sizes: S, M and L.

All you need to do is measure the circumference of your calf at its widest point and choose the right size:

S – calf circumference does not exceed 35cm,

M – calf circumference from 35cm to 40cm,

L – calf circumference bigger than 40 cm.

Yes, we offer shin guards for children. For the youngest, we recommend size S.

Gain Control shin guards are made with many years of experience and of the best quality materials. They give a sense of comfort, stability and control over events on the field. Esthetics is equally important for us, because we know that every little detail that we have control over, lets us increase our level and be happy with our development. Just Gain Control!

Nowadays, all professional players play in their own grip socks. Why? They want every detail that may influence their performance on the pitch to be perfected. Good socks are those in which you have control over your movements, especially during sudden changes in the direction of your run. If there is no slippage – you don’t waste precious seconds grasping the grip! Remember – in football, starting a run a little earlier than your opponent may decide who will be first to the ball!

We are a brand founded by football fans and we have been bound to it from an early age. It just so happens that we are also Aviation and Mechanics engineers! We want to change the football world by combining passion with knowledge of the highest quality materials. Thanks to this, we create technologically advanced products that bring joy to the users.


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Opinions of our customers

"The guards are very carefully created, the graphics looks great, I can't wait for the first matches in the guards"
Piotr Buda
"The guardsfit well on the leg. They don’t shift during the match. I am happy with them :)"
Piłkarski Box z spersonalizowanymi ochraniaczami piłkarskimi z żółtą pianką
Krystian Wilk
"A great idea for guards. Comfortable and light - TOP PRODUCT, Highly recommended, Zioberro "
"Comfortable and nice shin guards. They don’t get in the way during the match, are very light and don’t slide off the leg, I recommend them.”
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