The Gift Set for a Football Player is a comprehensive package, perfect for every football enthusiast, providing essential accessories for training, matches, and recovery.
Gift for a Football Player includes:

  • GC Shin Pads,
  • Football Grip Socks 2 pairs,
  • Football Socks LIGHT 2 pairs,
  • WINTER Hat,
  • WINTER Neck Warmer,
  • Compression Shorts,
  • 2 x Protection Foam,
  • 2 x Sock Wrap,
  • Roller,
  • Massage Ball.
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Why is this set the best gift for every football player?

 Gift for a Football Player set from Gain Control is an excellent choice for football enthusiasts, providing comprehensive support during training and beyond. Regardless of skill level, this set delivers essential accessories to ensure comfort, protection, and effective support for every football player. Take control of the game with the new Gain Control set!

Gift for a Football Player set:

  • GC Shin Guards
    Designed for the most talented players, Gain Control shin pads ensure safety, comfort, and peace of mind during intense training sessions and matches.
    How to choose the size of the guards? All you need to do is measure the circumference of your calf at its widest point and choose the right size:
    S – calf circumference does not exceed 35cm,
    M – calf circumference from 35cm to 40cm,
    L – calf circumference bigger than 40 cm.
    Instruction manual Shin Pads
  • Grip socks – 2 Pairs
    Provide excellent traction on the field during matches, minimizing the risk of foot slippage in the shoe during fast changes of direction.
  • Light Socks – 2 Pairs
    Lightweight, breathable, and perfectly fitted, Gain Control’s light socks provide comfort and convenience during every training session. Also great for cycling, running, or gym workouts.
  • Gain Control WINTER Hat
    Excellent head protection on chilly days, combining fashionable design with defense against low temperatures.
    Size table:
Circumference (cm) 52-54 54-56 56-58
  • Gain Control WINTER Neck Warmer
    Stylish and functional, this neck gaiter tackles the challenges of winter days, protecting against cold and wind.
    Size table:
SIZE Senior Junior
Circumference (cm) 52 44
Length (cm) 27 27
  • Gain Control Compression Shorts
    Advanced undershorts providing protection against painful abrasions, perfect fit, and freedom of movement during training.
    Size table:
SIZE (+/- 1cm) S M L
Length (cm) 34 35 36
Waist width MIN/MAX (cm) 29/34 31/36 33/38
Thigh width at the widest point (cm) 24 25 26
  • Protection Foam – 2 pcs
    Secures shin pads in place during intense gameplay, ensuring their effectiveness and safety.
  • Sock Wraps – 2 pcs
    Prevents the slipping of socks and shin guards, reducing the risk of injuries during intense movements on the field.
  • Roller
    A muscle massage tool that supports regeneration, reduces tension, and enhances muscle flexibility.
  • Massage Ball
    Ideal for easing muscle tension, this massage ball aids in quick recovery after physical exertion.
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Color of shin pads


Size of shin pads

S – Small, M – Medium, L – Large

Size of socks

36-39, 40-44

Size of hat

S – Small, M – Medium, L – Large

Size of neck warmer

Junior, Senior

Size of compression shorts

S – Small, M – Medium, L – Large

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